Stretch marks

I’m always getting asked about stretch marks and how to get rid of them.

Stretch marks are gained from growing, whether that’s your height, your muscle mass/ body composition or if you’ve gone through pregnancy.

Stretch marks can be purple in colour or white. There’s many products on the market which are targeted towards getting rid of stretch marks, but nothing can get rid of stretch marks as they’re now a scar on our skin. We can lighten them in colour, but never completely get rid of them.

This may feel demotivating to some of us, but we have to learn to accept them, we cannot do anything about them so we shouldn’t use our energy to dwell on them.

A lot of girls asks me are you marked down on stage for having stretch marks, and I have to say, I have never been marked down for this as they’re invisible practically with the stage tan, so if you’re wanting to compete yet have stretch marks please do not worry.

If they are considerably noticeable then a judge would consider overall complexion in your results if the competition was very close, however saying that, I have a client who has noticeable stretch marks and has earned her pro card so please never let something hold you back!

Loving our bodies can be a long process for some of us, but it won’t become any easier if we dwell in the things we can’t change rather than the things we can ❤️