I get asked all of the time, how many calories and macros I eat.. it really doesn't matter what another person eats in regards to your own goals. For example, what if I ate 300 grams of carbs / 3000 calories a day and lost weight, and you did that and gained a lot of weight fast..

There are SO many factors considered when setting macro/calorie intake for your desired goal. Such as BMR (the amount of calories you burn whilst your body keeps itself alive, before ANY exercise), your metabolism, your daily activity, is your job active or inactive, your training intensity, your appetite, height, weight, your genetics and body type and so on.

The biggest mistake you can make is copying someone else's calorie intake or macros. You may follow your favourite instagrammers macros and see zero results and become disheartened or you may have as mentioned above, the opposite results, weight gain when the goals fat loss or fat loss when the goal is weight gain.

Some people might lose weight on 3000 calories, some might gain weight on 1300 calories.

Tailoring your nutrition is CRUCIAL in achieving your goals.

However, if you're a total beginner, firstly focus on eating better, but if you feel you have mastered that I'd suggest getting a tailored plan to take you to the next level!

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