Welcome back to my blog!

Todays topic is about drinking alcohol whilst on a fat loss diet. My clients always ask me are they allowed to drink alcohol. The question is yes, in moderation! However, I do not advocate any alcohol whilst on a contest preparation diet (as that requires a lot more sacrifice and much more control in regards to calorie consumption and it's sources).

But for a lifestyle client, someone who's wanting to lose weight, just in general or for a holiday etc.. you can still drink alcohol in moderation. This isn't me saying every weekend drink copious amounts of alcohol.

But how many of us have started a fat loss plan then our friends have invited us on their birthday night out, or a wedding, event etc and we can't / don't want to say no.. then the overwhelming feeling sets in of 'having to go off track' 'throwing away the hard work'.

Heres my tips on how you can stay on track with alcohol consumption whilst losing fat!

1) Opt for gins/spirits and diet tonic water/soda water or diet drinks rather than champagne, cocktails, beer, wine. The reason being spirits are roughly 54-64 calories per serving, apposed to 125ml rose wine which is 100 calories, almost double and up to 225 calories for one sugary cocktail.

2) Leave out the 'cheat meal' if you're planning on a night out, or if you're going out for a meal before your night out, then opt for a healthier option rather than a more 'off plan' option. So steak and salad, chicken salad, with the sauce on the side. By keeping the calories out of this meal, you're alcohol calories will keep your overall calorie intake similar to a normal day if not just slightly over which of course will keep you more on track with your set weekly calories for achieving your goal.

3) Rather than having drink after drink until you're drunk, perhaps have every other drink with alcohol, your friends wouldn't even know the difference if you have diet coke rather than vodka diet coke for example!

3) Keep hydrated before, during and after alcohol consumption. Alcohol will dehydrate you, the following day you may feel tighter in the stomach region through dehydration but the following day you're likely to hold more water than usual as your body will prevent itself from dehydration. So by keeping hydrated this can be avoided. But if you do hold water, do not mistake it for fat gain.

4) Do not eat hangover food! Have your meals prepared for the following day, stay very hydrated, more than usual and get into the gym, return to your normal routine!