Going on holiday doesn’t mean gaining weight, it doesn’t mean depriving yourself either.


1) Prepare your food for the flight, you are able to take food on the plane in zip lock bags. Airports make it really difficult to grab healthy food so start the holiday right and prepare some food/snacks so you get off to a good start.

2) Stay hydrated! Drink more than you would at home, the heat will dehydrate you and your body will hold on to more water! (flying long distance also makes the body hold water) so stay hydrated on the flight.

3) Use the 80/20 rule, 80% on plan (don’t stress too much about food weights) if your meal plan says chicken/rice / chicken and salad for example then opt for a similar option to that if you eat out.

4) Portion control! Especially if you’re all inclusive, just because it’s there it doesn’t mean you need to eat it ALL!

5) Stick to 3 meals – base them on protein.

6) Pack protein powder with you for snacks to keep you full and satisfied this will prevent hunger strikes and grabbing the nearest snack!

7) Start your day low carb! I always recommend this, even if you have oats on your meal plan, stick to an omelette or carb free option at breakfast. “Bank your calories” start the day clean and lowered calories, and have a meal of choice in the evening, this is bound to be higher in calories/carbs (again don’t binge and opt for a healthier option)

8) If you do eat off plan – that’s ok! Just don’t binge!

9) Keep active! Incorporate walks into your holiday, exploring / walks down the beach / swimming in the pool or sea.

10) If you do choose to train, hit full body workouts and keep rest-periods down, incorporate plyometric work / HIIT for extra calorie burn. If you don’t want to train, that’s ok just keep your activity up with walks/cycles.

11) If you have the option – request for meals not to be cooked in oils.

12) Opt for protein based meals – this will keep you satisfied for longer.

13) If you are self-catering, prepare your food but make it interesting so you don’t feel like your ‘eating the same as you do at home’ but really, you sort of are! Just make it interesting!

14) Eat off smaller plates if you’re at a buffet!

15) Alcohol consumption – opt for spirits (lower calories) avoid those pesky cocktails. But if you do want a cocktail, that’s ok! Just not a fish bowl! ;)

16) Avoid breads and white carbs. Opt for rice / brown pasta etc.

17) Avoid creamy rich sauces, request food plain and add a balsamic vinegar for example or ask for sauce on the side.

18) If you want a dessert – share it!

19) Fill your plate with salad/vegetables to keep you fuller and satisfied.

20) If you’re not REALLY enjoying something you’re eating, leave it. No need to finish it unless you’re really enjoying it!

21) If you’re full – stop eating!

22) Drink water before / during and after your meals.

23) DON’T STRESS!!!!!!! I will be here when you return and we WILL drop any water weight gained!

24) When you return to the UK resume back to plan! (Prepare meals for your return before you leave and freeze them – no excuse!)

If you follow the tips above you will not gain fat, maybe some water but that can be pulled off within a few days back on track.

Remember YOU are in control!

Holidays are a time to relax, not a time to binge and go crazy. You can relax on holiday without gaining large amounts of water weight. It’s about being smart.