Are you in control of your life, or are you being controlled?

We can often think we are in control, for example, with our eating. Never eating off plan and feeling in control of your diet, but the only reason you’re not eating ‘off plan’ is because you never go out for meals or social occasions with friends.. that’s called being controlled.

We can control our weight by sticking religiously to the plan we have set ourselves, but never having a life beyond the plan. Being in control is being put into certain scenarios where you could go out of control and eat anything and everything but instead choosing not to.. that’s being in control.

I get a lot of my clients to use metaphors to understand ways to overcome their struggles as it makes it more realistic. Example, imagine your spouse/partner, “they never speak to other girls, because they never leave the house”. Well of course they don’t because they’re never exposed to other females (this isn’t me saying your partners want to speak to other women lol! Just metaphorical!).

Another metaphor in regards to nutrition, can be imagining your eating habits as though they’re your wage / money. You wouldn’t go and spend all of your money as soon as you’re paid, so when you go out for a social occasion, it doesn’t mean you’re going to binge like crazy. Same applies, imagine you just got your wage and didn’t spend one penny of it, you wouldn’t be able to leave the house or even have a place to live as you’d be so restricted by keeping that money at that set figure. The same applies to your diet and your weight, if you’re so fixated on your weight staying a certain number, you’ll never have anything to show for it, eg, social life, time with friends, family etc.

A lot of us can struggle with this, me personally I used to struggle in my work / personal life with control and being controlled, which subconsciously resulted in my body staying exactly the same (in regards to a set weight and body fat level). I would control every minute of my day, work every hour I could, plan everything, turn down plans with friends so I could work (even when I didn’t have a deadline or even need to work that extra hour). From working so much and filling my spare hours with work, I didn’t have a social life, which in turn resulted in me just staying on a set plan all the time, allowing me to stay in a certain ‘shape’. I can understand control from the first hand point of view.

From personal experience, it made me miserable.

I want every single person to be filled with such happiness when achieving their goals, whether it’s fitness, work life or personal life!

Ways you can try and overcome the controlling mindset, in regards to your diet, is to be more social with friends, stop hiding in your house in fear of eating out, just go out and order a similar meal to what you’d eat at home to get you out of your comfort zone of feeling like the only way to stay on track is staying at home.