Mums getting in shape!

If you are a busy mum, who doesn’t have time to fit in as many work outs as you’d like to, always short on time to cook your own food so grab convenient options, fed up of cooking separate meals for yourself and the family?

Do not lose faith! There are ways around having children/family/work life/busy schedule whilst seeing results with your fitness goals.

If you’re wanting to lose weight, whether it’s after having your child, or just in general, you can start by adding in some buggy walks! That way you can include your child(ren), whilst staying active! Adding in a few brisk walks per week, will increase your calorie expenditure, therefore more calories burnt will help you lose weight.

You can also do home workouts whilst your children nap or when they’ve gone to bed of an evening. Staying active will really help you see results! You can increase the intensity by adding some home weights and resistance bands, resistance bands are really cheap from amazon! You can do a full body workout with just the use of resistance bands. By adding in weights at home, this will really help you to develop muscle tone by adding in some weight training in addition to your buggy walks!

If you do have time to get to the gym, don’t waste it by doing cardio whilst at the gym (you can get your cardio in outdoors with the buggy!). Do some full body workouts using the weights and machines, if you’re a beginner, ease yourself in with 3 sets per machine, as you build more confidence add in some more advanced exercises and increase your reps/sets and strength, this will really help to build some shape!

Struggling to find time to make healthier options rather than grabbing quick foods? Try and spare an hour or two once per week to cook in bulk, you can put a bunch of chicken breasts in foil in the oven, leave it in whilst you keep the children entertained! You can then cut up the chicken and freeze it, same for rice, vegetables, turkey breast/mince, beef mince etc.

Putting sweet potatoes in the oven (with the skin on – so no peeling) for roughly 45-60 minutes, and scoop the centres out once cooked, for sweet potato mash, which can also be used as baby food, or a topping for a healthy shepherd’s pie which all of the family can enjoy (use 5% fat mince, and a low calorie (or homemade sauce –using a tin of tomato’s/herbs/passata). You can also use wholemeal wraps/pitta breads as your carb sources, again no cooking (wahoo), rice cakes topped with tuna, Greek yogurt is a great snack (total 0% or Skyr is my favourite).

Another struggle that can be faced is cooking too many different meals, one for yourself, your spouse, the children, it can be easier to just eat what everyone else is eating, which may not always be the healthiest. So here are some ideas how you can stay on track or get your family involved!

  1. Portion control, if you want to eat what they’re eating, is by portion control. Weighing your food is a great tool if you’re unsure of portions rather than what ‘looks’ enough.

  2. Cook healthier options, as mentioned above, Shepard’s pie, with sweet potato mash, lean mince and healthy homemade sauces.

  3. Don’t tell your family it’s “healthy food” we all know, kids don’t always want “healthy” which can end up resulting in children saying they don’t want it..which makes you think “I’m not doing this again!”. Healthy food tastes great if you make it taste great.. they’ll never know!

Ps – you don’t need to eat the left overs! Box them up in a tupperwear and save them for lunch tomorrow!