I get asked a lot about motivation, and how to stay motivated. You cannot rely on the fitness models of instagram to motivate you, or that girl who's body you aspire to be like, in fact that's possibly the most de-motivating thing, because we can never look like another person. I've been there, done that. Aspired to look like a person, tried my best efforts of what I thought was the right exercise or diet to follow, resulting in me still not looking like them, and feeling demotivated.. "why am I doing all of this and I still don't look that way". Does that sound familiar to you?

You need to establish a WHY rather than a WHAT. " Wanting to lose weight is your 'what'. But WHY do you want to lose weight? Is it to prolong your life, build your confidence so you have the confidence to achieve something else in your life, like a relationship/a job/ whatever it may be. Is it to set an example for your children? Is it to make yourself proud? Is it for a holiday, a wedding, a photoshoot, a show? Dig deep inside yourself and ask yourself WHY do you want to change the way you look, or improve yourself? Focus on that more than "losing weight" focus on how you'll feel when you accomplish your WHAT.


Stop overthinking the WHAT and just master the basic fundamentals. Ok we established you want to lose weight (not everyones goal reading this is weight loss but for an example let's say weight/fat loss). Focus firstly on eating better, eating smarter, better portions, making small changes, ditching the sugary drinks/snacks before bed/convenience food at work. Focus on getting a few good workouts a week in, 3-5 I'd recommend. If you're a beginner who's never worked out, 3 is fine. Ease yourself in. Another point I have to make, don't do EVERYTHING at once. That will make you lose motivation in the long run, if you use all your tools at once, or go too hard on your diet/training, after a few weeks you'll become very tired, you may feel the results do not match up to your efforts and you may start to feel 'what's the point'.

You need to master your mindset in order to change your lifestyle and sustain motivation. Your mind is so powerful, and it's stronger than you think. If you face any struggles during your fitness journey, for example, a craving, the first time you overcome it, you can always remember how you overcame it, and how it felt to overcome it so you can use the same tactic in the future. Whereas if you just give into that craving, you'll never now how it feels to overcome a struggle you've faced. Same applies, if you do not feel like going to the gym one day, but you promise yourself you'll go and you'll push yourself, I promise you, that you'll leave the gym feeling so much better and in turn you will always remember how it made you feel and you can utilise that same tactic in any future struggles.

To summarise,

Motivation has to become subconscious in order for you to maintain it. Motivation doesn't come from anything else other than from your desire and focus to want to achieve a certain goal. Motivation is what gets you started, but habit is what keeps you going.

Never give up, especially the first time, do your best to overcome whatever struggle you face, and then remember how you overcame that struggle so you can become stronger in the future and overcome any struggle you may face to keep you going.