You probably hear / see online all the time, or in the gym " if you want glutes you have to squat " or "she squats bro!"

WHY SQUATS ARE (KIND OF) IRRELEVANT IN GROWING YOUR GLUTES? Training glutes is so much more in depth than just 'squatting'.

Squats are a compound exercise. Compound exercises mean they require multiple other muscle groups to perform the exercise, therefore your quads and hamstrings, adductors (inner thighs) etc will all contribute to performing a squat. Now if you just want to grow your glutes, or just focus on your glutes, than conventional squats aren't the right exercise for you!

Squats are still a great exercise, but there are so many variations! I would recommend a wide sumo squat if you enjoy squatting and still want to focus more on your glutes. Even sumo squats will work your inner thigh/hamstrings/quads.

THE WRONG TRAINING SPLIT! Something I come across a lot is females training the same training split as a guy would. Back/Chest/Shoulders/Arms/Legs, 1 leg day per week is NOT sufficient for growing your glutes. I have my clients train glutes 2-3 x per week, depending on their current physique, goals. Especially competitors, who do not need to focus a day on arms for example.

The glutes (unless you're genetically blessed) are very hard to grow so they require extra attention and focus!

HITTING THEM FROM ALL ANGLES! The glute is made up of three individual muscles,

Gluteus Maximus Gluteus Medius Gluteus Minimus

The way I personally train and have all of my clients train, is targeting each individual glute muscle, focusing on exercises which target the glute from all angles. So your adding round-ness, lift, and size to your glutes.

BUT I DON'T WANT A BIGGER BUM! If you're reading the above and thinking, but I don't want a bigger bum I just want a firmer bum! That's ok.. training glutes and building muscle on your glutes will increase your muscle to fat ratio. What this means is the more muscle we have in an area, the less fat we are going to hold in that area. Muscle takes up a lot less room then fat cells. Therefore you will actually appear smaller, firmer and more toned around the glute area as your muscle to fat ratio has improved!

TOP 3 TIPS FOR GROWING GLUTES *Isolate them *Feed them *Hit all three glute muscles frequently

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