Is going to the gym a real hobby?

Something that I've been thinking about recently,

Why does 'fitness' seem to be seen as a vain 'hobby'?

So you start going to the gym and eating right, people begin to notice you've changed your habits, maybe you're saying no to those nights out you used to go on all the time, maybe you're not getting that pizza every weekend with your boyfriend, maybe you've started making time in the morning to workout rather than laying in bed for an extra hour.

People notice this and start to pass comment 'wow your obsessed', or 'god treat yourself your always at the gym you'll burn it off', or if you're starting to feel more confident and start displaying your progress online, people start to think or say 'put some clothes on' ' you must really love yourself', when in fact it's quite the opposite, as fitness is one of those hobbies where you are never quite satisfied so we all still have those insecurities so no we do not 'love ourselves' in fact we might be displaying our progress for a confidence boost, to be told we look great by others seeing as those closer to us don't seem to pass any positive judgement.

Why is it that fitness, whether it's competing or training with weights and eating clean (the typical weight training with a more frequently eating meal plan - which could be described as a 'bodybuilder lifestyle - regardless of whether you're a bodybuilder) that it gets frowned upon? or judged? Like it's not a real hobby?

What I'm getting at is, do you think someone who swims as a hobby gets negative judgements passed against them? or someone who trains for a marathon as a hobby? and what if the individual who swims for a hobby put a photo of them on Facebook, around a pool ready to race or on the board ready to jump, would you pass judgement and tell them to put clothes on? or that they love themselves?

Just because it's not your idea of a hobby, doesn't mean it's not a 'real' hobby.

Without health, there would be no life. Remember that.