Is fruit bad for you?

Today's topic is about fruit, and why fruit should be limited on a fat loss diet.

So we have been told over and over how we need to get our 5 a day in, then it's 7 then it's 10 then were told not to eat fruit! The media can change it's mind from one week to the next.

A question I get asked a lot when I sent a client a new plan is "is fruit unlimited" the answer is absolutely not.

Heres why:

So there are three types of sugar, Glucose, Fructose and Sucralose. Fructose is the sugar which is found in fruit. Therefore it is still a sugar. You may have heard or been told that "natural sugar is fine" - false, sugar is still sugar and your body does not treat it any differently.

Except in the way it is metabolised, glucose is metabolised through the blood stream and fructose is metabolised through the liver.

All three types of sugar will still cause a spike in insulin and blood sugar levels (something which needs to remain stable on a fat loss diet).

Our bodies convert and excess sugar in the liver to fat stores around the body.

We get told we need are vitamins and minerals from fruit and vegetables, but 9 times out of 10 you'll buy your fruit from the supermarket, which is covered in pesticides and other nasty chemicals which actually takes away many of the benefits your trying to consume.

To break it down quite simply,

*Per medium apple contains 25g carbohydrates, *Per medium banana contains 30g carbohydrates,

If you were to follow the rule of your five per day, you'd be consuming 125-150g of carbohydrates per day, that's the equivalent to 500 grams of cooked weight rice except the fruit is containing high levels of fructose sugar.

You may drink fruit juice, which for example 8oz (220ml) of apple juice is made up of 4 apples. You certainly wouldn't eat 4 apples as you would drinking a glass of apple juice - that's 100g carbohydrates per 220ml.

To summarise, no fruit is not bad for you, nor is it amazing for you. Everything in moderation - even the 'good' stuff!