Are you ready to be a 'bodybuilder'?

Today I am going to touch on why competing (bodybuilding) isn't for everyone.

Something I deem very relevant at the moment.

So you start your fitness journey, your loving it, your seeing progress but you want a more disciplined goal, so you compete or you start contest prep. You love it, you love the buzz OR you don't.

You don't enjoy contest prep as much as you thought you would, all you can think about is what you can't eat, or seeing yourself in a negative light, or losing motivation for your training. This doesn't mean your a failure - this means BODYBUILDING/COMPETING ISN'T FOR YOU!

Bodybuilding is one of the very few sports, which too be good at it, it needs to consume our whole lifestyle. You cannot go out drinking at the weekend and expect to be on the same level as a competitive athlete. That is not bodybuilding, bodybuilding requires 100% focus, it requires eating every 3 hours, it requires training your ass off, it requires discipline, it requires training 1-3 times per day! 5-7 days per week. Its a 24/7 sport.

If you don't like eating clean foods and you don't enjoy the discipline, then maybe bodybuilding/competing isn't for you.

If you constantly feel yourself down or unhappy, then maybe it isn't for you.

Bodybuilding is far too consuming to dislike it, you sure as hell wouldn't go too work for hours and hours and hours 7 days a week in a job that you hated and made you miserable.

This doesn't mean you've failed, it means it's not for you!

Know the difference!