Glute Salute Extreme

  • Glute Salute Extreme is the trilogy of the Glute Salute booty training plans, which have been purchased and followed by thousands of females worldwide. 


    Using the feedback from Glute Salute 1&2, Glute Salute Extreme was created to be the best and most advanced plan on the market. 


    Regardless of whether you’re a total beginner, whether you train at home or at a gym, Glute Salute Extreme is suitable for you.


    GSX includes, 

    •    7-day meal plan to help you lose body fat

    •    Yes, and No food list to educate you on the right and wrong nutrition.

    •    Over 30 exercises for glutes, and bonus exercises on the video demonstration page,

    which is for members only to demonstrate the correct way to perform each exercise.



    No refunds after purchase